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This website is intended to serve as a resource to the international emergency response community. The concept originated from the International Emergency Response Summit hosted by CHEMTREC® in 2006.  Discussions held by industry responders at the summit highlighted some of the challenges associated with responses to hazardous materials incidents in countries other than those in which their facilities were located.  The source of the challenges are varied: unfamiliarity or lack of understanding of the status of public and private in-country response capabilities and resources; potential misunderstanding of legal and regulatory requirements related to emergency response within individual countries or economies, including regulatory requirements related to entry of response personnel and equipment; and the unavailability or absence of contact information for organizations, public and private, that might be of assistance.

This site is, and will continue to be, a work in progress as we become aware of new resources available to us that can be linked to this site and made available to emergency responders.

Use the map below, or the links under the Regional Information tab, to view the resources we have for a particular country within a region: 

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